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Meet our sister organization located in Danville, Calif. Stay tuned as they do their life saving work in the north counties!

 Mission Statement/Purpose:

            Horses Healing Hearts is a community based non-profit organization located in Contra Costa County, in the S.F. bay area. Our mission is to educate the community about the value, benefits and life changing gifts horses can provide to all of us, and simultaneously provide assistance to equines in need. 

            Located in Danville, CA., is the HHH rescue, rehabilitation, and foster facility for horses. Presently HHH fosters a Paiute Indian Mustang two-year old Filly, a Kiger Mustang ten-year old gelding,&  a 20 year old Thoroughbred gelding. These horses are goodwill ambassadors for the organization. Each holds a unique story to share and educate. Like humans, horses too have special needs, special situations and circumstances.

            HHH also offers temporary assistance for horse owners that may simply need to access short-term financial help in order to keep their beloved equine(s). HHH understands that no one is immune to financial hardship and/or life threatening circumstances. Perhaps a little financial help keeps the horse in his beloved home, or perhaps unforeseen circumstances prevent you from continuing ownership. On a case-by -case basis HHH will review the situation and provide assistance in the most efficient and timely manner. 

            With children in mind, HHH customizes programs specifically for kids. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Brownies, and Foster Kids can all take part in an opportunity to get hands on with horses. The youth-at-risk population is encouraged to take part as community service hours mandated by the court system can also be fulfilled at the ranch. In the near future, HHH will be featuring scholarships opportunities.
            HHH, offers workshops in Equine Guided Education. Hosted by industry leader and creator, Ariana Strozzi of SkyHorse Ranch, sessions are taught by personal life coaches and/or Ariana Strozzi. These customized programs work with corporate development, youth empowerment classes, family workshops, and sessions with mental health practitioners utilizing the methods of EGE to reach clients.
            The benefits of Horses Healing Hearts (HHH) are life changing. "See yourself through the eyes of the horse". Individuals, groups and families have agreed this type of experiential therapy can help you gain clarity, become un-stuck, and live authentically. Results empower you to lead a more fulfilling life. We call it, The Equi-Spirit Experience. These programs help fund the ongoing work of HHH.


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