Pregnant Mare Rescue,Inc.

Our Current list of Necessities

Updated Jan 2014

gravel! 2 truck loads before the rain!

A head grant writer organizer willing to keep the writers working, not duplicating, sending out critical  information and help managing deadlines. 

alfalfa/grass mix hay

Senior Feed, All in One, Rice Bran  Grow Colt , Mare Plus Supplements

You can call Hansen's , pay them directly and they'll deliver!

*Hansen's Feed in Freedom  831 722-1144


 Our Current list of Wishes

Diesel Truck for hauling:   4 door/ good running condition

Stock Trailer


175 ft of fence for the lower pasture (my bid came in at $20.00 linear foot)

 CHECK BACK OFTEN~ We are busy folks!









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Please email for ranch address.
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