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Walking the Wheel

Sacred Medicine Wheel  


All space is sacred space.  Every inch of Mother Earth holds a specially energized connection to some living creature and is therefore to be honored.  The Medicine Wheel is used to set up sacred ceremonial space as place to pray, a place to heal and a place to connect with Mother Earth. 


Please join us for this two hour workshop on Sacred Medicine Wheel.  This workshop is not about learning the specifics of each Medicine Wheel tradition, but it is an experiential journey in feeling the energy and healing that a Medicine Wheel creates.  One can build Medicine Wheels, large and small, everywhere to improve their relationship with Mother Earth, bring healing, and provide a sacred place to pray and to reconnect.

Date:    2014 TBD

Time:     TBD

Location: Pregnant Mare Rescue, Watsonville

Cost: $35.00 (70% donated to Pregnant Mare Rescue)

Teacher: Sharon Dunn, Animal Communicator, Intuitive Consultant, Reiki Master



Please contact Sharon directly to register: or

Please note class size is limited.

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