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We have horses that need sponsors.

Can you help keep Honey, Malibu & Rose  loved and safe?

You are welcome to come visit and care for the following equines. . Check them out!


Malibu  Needs sponsor This Premarin mare stood on the line for 10 years. Her first 9 foals went to slaughter at 4 mos of age.  She came to us, and was allowed to be a horse, move, stand, lay down, walk, make her own choices. Her rehabilitation is remarkable. We love Malibu. "Boo" now lets us touch her, groom, her, visit with her. She'll take treats and hang out with us. I will post new pics soon!

    She slowly has began to trust and allow us into her grief stricken world. She foaled a beautiful filly, named Madrid..(see below). Madrid has been adopted, and Malibu will go to Sanctuary as we are purchaing the land now. Won't you help keep Malibu safe, loved and under our care? I will be posting a  current image of her now, as she is a gorgeous mare..

Honey In her hey day Honey was an amazing reining and cutting horse. She was fast and obedient and well worked. She came to us because she needed sanctuary. She can no longer be ridden. She has really severe arthritis is both front legs. Previcox has helped tremendously but it is expensive! PMR would like to keep Honey comfortable and of course safe. Sponsorship would be greatly appreciated!


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