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 Updated April 7, 2014

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PMR is looking for a special Trainer, gentler.

Mollie came off the Fallon feedlot and remains fairly traumatized. She allows us to feed her from our hand, and  touch her muzzle. She will not allow us to touch her any further. She finds Lynn for her herd leader when she is out at liberty. her filly has been adopted, and Mollie remians with us, fairly content but not progressing. She is beginning to trust. If you have time to come and help Mollie settle and begin to heal, PMR needs you. She is a beautiful mare, a really nice mover with nice conformation. We'd like to help Mollie find her forever home, but need to help her first!





Going to Sarah Alm for training Genevieve  "Genny" Smart, sweet, beautiful, nice confirmation...looks like she may be Standardbred, or Morgan. She may have experienced a bit of malnutrition in her early years, so I.we are not not sure how big she will get. She is presently 15hh . She is a gorgeous, Copper color with a flaxen mane, conformation is nice ..she is quite a mover..and loves to move. She is pastured with a 6 mos.old and her momma and the two of them are constantly playing...very fun:0)..Genny is a spunky friendly filly. $500 Adoption fee.



Better body shots coming!

Both ADOPTED!! Avalon and Camelot Departure Date April 16th.She is however, smart, halter-able, nice ground manners, picks up her feet. Beautiful Arabian mare

Baby is sassy, healthy, curious, perfect....Sire may have been quarter horse.She has a big round fanny!

Each adoption fee is :$500.                                                                          in Wells, Nevada. Jasmine  14 hh. Jasmine was relinquished by an owner when he could no longer care for her. She is very sporty, likes to move. I have seen her under saddle. She is extremely sensitive, needs her own person,..NOT a school horse prospect. Sound.She stands, halters, leads, loads, hauls, enjoys humans, treats, is willing to please. She is a nice horse.

Adopt. Fee $500


ADOPTED Kizmet:  lovely Kizmet 3-4 years old. quiet Kizzy.She came down from a Premarin farm, but was never put into service. She has a nice mind, nice conformation.She stands, halters, leads, loads, hauls, picks up her feet. She is not a flashy barrel racing type. She would be a fabulous trail horse.Lovely dun mare. She is green, willing but no work under saddle.


Adoption fee $500






AVAIL ..Hunter  5 years old..NO FAULT of his own..the adoption fell thru. Perfect trail horse.conformation will not permit jumping. (He toes out in the front) Fee $500.fillout app. at bottom of page if interested.


 UNDER EVAL. Her name is Treasure.

Her evaluations were completed this weekend  April 5th & 6th...2014.

She is a very solid mare. She is sound and healthy. Although she is blind in her left eye, she seems to have learned to compensate for it very well. What we have determined however is that she is a difficult keeper. At 27, being a tb, she has a rough time keeping her weight up, making her unsuitable for riding. She needs daily drops in her bad eye, although that is not a difficult task. She also needs blanketing in the cold.She would be a perfect horse for someone who wanted to gain horse experience, and enjoy horse time without riding. Her ground manners are impeccable making her a joy to spend time with. The lessons of haltering, leading , grooming, bathing, picking feet, blanketing, administering eye drops and sharing time are her very best strengths.

This amazing mare is a PERFECT family non - riding horse..little kids are her LOVE!!!!! She is quiet, sound, old, calm, and very very sweet...NO fee to perfect home. More on Treasure....she's a 26 yr old Jockey Club registered TB (registered name Geopolia).  She's bay, 16 hands, bombproof to kids, dogs, cars, loud trucks, bicycles, wild turkeys, you name it. She went blind in the left eye about 5 years ago, but it hasn't effected her personality at all. This love of a girl has a family that adores her, but have fallen on hard times..Can you please think about Treasure in your home? She is a great addition to a family.



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