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 Updated August 9, 2014

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Sable...From the Fallon Feedlot. She has come a very long way ..trusting. She cannot believe people can be so kind. We are letting her warm up on her time...and she is responding beautifully. I have trimmed her mane, and next will be her tail. She lets me stroke her neck, ears, withers and body. All this new in the last 3 weeks. Sable is a beautiful mare..I am guessing Fresian and Paint. She is long backed and her feathers and abundance of hair suggest Freisan. She is avail. for adoption to a person experienced in gentling and working with damaged horses. Because she arrived in a halter and lead nicely, I feel she has been taught a lot, perhaps even ridden under saddle. But we haven't arrived at that point in the relationship to be able to evaluate these things. She is healthy and sound. I believe her to be in her late teens early twenties. Sable needs a person of her own to bring her healing along.She would flourish with lots of daily attention. 



“Not Just A Horse” up for adoption  PIc's coming

Change in personal circumstances is requiring that I find a new home for an extremely special member of my family. Her name is Rosie and I rescued her from slaughter in March of 2013. Her adoption fee is $650 to GOOD HOME ONLY.

Rosie is a gorgeous Golden Palomino mare with a flaxen mane and tail. She is a Quarter Pony approximately 5 yrs old and 13.3hh. When Rosie first came to me her first time being haltered was at the feedlot so she could make her trip to California. She has come such a LONG WAY since then.


-   She has learned what it is like to be loved and what it means to be able to trust.

-   She is a little stand offish at first but loves to be talked to, to be brushed, and is affectionate.

-   She can be a little apprehensive about haltering but a little coaching with some grain works wonders!

-   She leads and ties well. She stands for farrier and vet.

-   She nicely picks up all four feet for cleaning.       

-   She is not too sure about bathing yet she loves to wade chest high in the pond at the ranch.

-   I am very proud at the way she has taken to her workouts in the round pen which she likes Very Much. She is very athletic and agile which is reflected by her compact Quarter Horse confirmation. I have been told that with her build and quick responses she has great potential as a Cutting Horse and/or Reiner. There are cattle at the ranch that she loves to keep her eye on!

-   Rosie works in the pen with or without a lunge line. She keeps progressing more and more in her response to voice command and hand signals. 

-   Pivots very nice and backs up.

-   She has very good ground manners now but has not been ridden. That is her next step.

If you are serious about wanting a new and talented family member and welcoming her into your forever home please call me (Gail) at 408-375-7829. There will be a contract involved and references checked as Rosie is like a daughter to me. I will only let her go to the best home possible.


Drifters Sunny Gal  "Maria"

Mollie came off the Fallon feedlot. She allows us to feed her from our hand, and  touch her muzzle.  She finds Lynn for her herd leader when she is out at liberty. Her filly has been adopted, and Mollie waits for her special person. If you have time Mollie will settle and begin to heal.She is a beautiful mare, gorgeous quarter horse, a really nice mover with nice conformation. If you have the skills to continue to gentle and show Mollie the way, she will be an amazing partner. She is very very smart.




  Her name is Treasure.  Surgery scheduled August 23, 2014 .  ADOPTED!

More on Treasure....she's a 26 yr old Jockey Club registered TB (registered name Geopolia).  She's bay, 16 hands, bombproof to kids, dogs, cars, loud trucks, bicycles, wild turkeys, you name it. She went blind in the left eye about 5 years ago, but it hasn't effected her personality at all. This love of a girl has a family that adores her, but have fallen on hard times..Can you please think about Treasure in your home? She is a great addition to a family.



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