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Angel And The 4 Brothers


 Angel and her four she adopted on the feedlot. Leslie Ann Webb did a painting of Angel and "The Jonas Bros". You can see the entire story & leslie's painting  below.

The "Jonas Brothers" Have Arrived!!

Pregnant Mare Rescue is excited and so pleased to announce the arrival of four little foals to the Hummer Ranch in Larkin Valley. Three babies, less than 5 weeks, old had been ripped away from their panicked mothers, the mares loaded onto the “Death Truck” for the horrific journey to the slaughterhouse. Trembling and frightened they stood clumped in a corner of the feedlot. What was their fate?

It was then a very small miracle occurred.
A soft eyed palomino mare quietly walked over and stood between the babies and the truck. She had her own foal at her side, which was now peeking around from the far side of his mom's flank. The little ones could smell milk, and smell mom, but usually a mare is very protective of her own foal, and of her own milk supply, and so the three stood quietly hesitating. This mare gently nudged the babies closer to her side. For comfort, one nursed, and jostled for position and nursed some more. Baby number two nudged in and took a turn, then number three. This amazing mare adopted all three of these orphans as her own.

Rescued at the 11th hour, this mare and her new family of four were pulled out of harms way. Money for ransom and transportation was immediately raised by “The Fans of Barbaro” on the Alex Brown Racing website, and rescue coordinator, Shirley Puga. They managed to bring all 5 to safety.

Fast forward one week. The day begins…up at 6am…checking the milk buckets. Yippee, they’re empty!! The babies have figured it out! When I go into the pasture to feed, they begin to nicker and they stand right behind me like little soldiers.  "Got Milk?"

My daughter exclaims, “These babies are special!  This kind of thing just doesn’t happen everyday.”

In honor of miracles happening, we decided to name these babies after a most phenomenal rock band, The Jonas Brothers. As every tweenager in the world knows, these boys are special, too.  No sooner than achieving fame worldwide, these boys created a charitable foundation for children. How cool is that? Nick Jonas, recently diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, chose to share it with the public, empowering children all over the world who are struggling with an illness.  The Jonas Brothers are extraordinary kids doing great things, and for this we wanted to honor them. 



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