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Volunteer Opportunities ~ 2014

Upcoming volunteer orientation dates are  always TBD. Usually held on Saturdays at 1pm.

Check back in regularly for updates.

Visiting hours are Saturdays from noon until 3pm or by appointment.


email: to attend and for ranch directions.

Volunteers must be at least 15 years of age, although minors under the age of 15 are welcome,  they MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times when at the rescue.  We look forward to working with you to make PMR a safe haven for our equine residents and rewarding & educational experience for all involved. 

Did you know that you can do your community service here?

Please leave your dog at home. They make our rescues nervous.Thank you.

Microvolunteering Day - March 15.

Ever heard of microvolunteering?  It's a concept that's catching on across the nonprofit sector because of its advantages over traditional volunteering.  Microvolunteering is "bite-sized" actions that can mostly be completed on-demand in under 2 hours.  Activities can include skilled one-off tasks like editing a press release or providing advice on an IT issue; or, less skilled repeatable tasks such as, printing fliers for an upcoming fundraiser or sharing pictures of adoptable horses on social media.  Many of your supporters are already microvolunteering by helping to improve your social media presence.

Microvolunteering benefits volunteers because it is accessible to those that work difficult or varying schedules and those that are less abled.  Volunteers are not restricted to doing good at a certain place and time in certain attire.  For your organization the benefits include tapping into a whole new raft of volunteers and opening up creative ways to spread awareness about your mission.

  Help from Home is a volunteer driven association that runs a free community service to promote and encourage microvolunteering worldwide.  They have developed resources such as a free guide that details the steps to take to develop micro-actions aligned with your cause, and a "Get Involved Pack" for nonprofits to provide you with ideas and suggestions on various activities that a nonprofit can engage in, to benefit from microvolunteering.

ANYBODY available to access the "Get Involved Pack" and take it on????

PMR has the following items that need attention.They are very task specific and are fairly easy...

1. Each email address from Gofundme donors needs to be copied and pasted PMR's  email database for our newsletter.

2. New tracking files for the mares need to be created and filed appropriately.

3. We need 5 nice prizes for the gogophoto contest coming up in April/May. I need 5 people to go solicit  for 1 nice prize (with appropriate documentation in hand) .

4.One person to research if wood chips are a good idea to help mud control?? Or do we need drainage rock?

More smaller items to come..

Bigger tasks

1.  Chairperson to assist Lynn with the gogophoto contest (I have creation of categories, need help with email work to make campaign go live)

2. Chairperson to assist Cindie with our visiting  Animal Communicator in Sept.

3. Person interested erecting our last shelter.

4. Person interested in promoting/attendning Chamber Meetings, contacting Zach Friend..all in pursuit of our Land Purchase.

5.Know how to write a business plan. Lynn needs help....this would be covered over a period of time.

More big stuff coming...:0)

Horse Chores  2014

Contact Becky at:

  • Afternoons; Muck 3 stalls and fill with fresh bedding. Even if days are partially filled many hands make light work!
  • Help erect the last shelter roof, It is ready to go up!
    • Purchasing Cinderblock/ Installation of Cinderblock behind tractor cover.
    • Purchase 36 feet of gutters for the back end of the stalls.
    • Fencing..we have 200 linear feet of fencing to be replaced....



    If interested please email with your interest and we will get back to you asap.

    We always need help and don't feel shy to contact us!

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    Please email for ranch address.
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