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Welcome to the
Pregnant Mare Rescue

A Temporary Sanctuary for 

the Mare and Foal


Pregnant Mare Rescue is a temporary horse sanctuary committed to rescuing pregnant mares and orphan foals from abuse, advocating for the humane treatment of all horses through education while enriching the human experience. Pregnant Mare Rescue is a Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries verified, 501(c)3 certified nonprofit.

Where do these pregnant mares come from? And why do they need help?


Discover the value of horses beyond riding. Enjoy the inexplicable ways they will connect with you.

We are a 100% community-supported organization. We rely on the community for their generosity. We have no government funding or large sponsors. 

All funds raised are used to support the work we do for the rescued equines.


Because of your generosity, we have the funds to pay the vet, purchase the hay, keep the internet on, and well, you get it.


The need is so great, won't you please help us continue our work.


Donate today!

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