Visit the Ranch

We will return in the Spring of 2022.
All our mares and foals are in their forever homes.
Gift certificates for visits beginning in April 2022 can be purchased by contacting Lynn Hummer
408 540-8568

Visits to Pregnant Mare Rescue are made possible through AirBNB. Come take a tour of the ranch, meet the residents and learn all about the work we do.

A Most Authentic

Pregnant Mare Rescue prides itself on being a very different kind of rescue. We do not work in quantity, or the number of horses we can save in a year's time. In other words, our objective is not quickly placing horses into new homes and rescuing more.


With over 100,000 equines going to slaughter annually and thousands upon thousands of abuse cases in need, we understand that concept because the need is so very great. But we work in small numbers. We give each horse all the time it needs to rehabilitate, body, mind, spirit and soul.

The majority of mares we rescue are expecting a baby.They are in foal. So they need time. We let them decompress, settle in, prepare to give birth, and get healthy in the process. Once foaled, mares nurse their young for a minimum of six months.


Again doing things a little differently, we allow the mares to let us know when it is time to wean. And actually the weaning process is very different here as well. We use the Carolyn Resnick Method  to wean. We feel a traumatic experience here can and does indeed affect a horse for the rest of its life.

By interfering as little as possible with what a horse needs naturally in life, we find it creates the very best partner for all equestrian pursuits.


Book a visit and come enjoy. It's a world of horses, we bet you didn't know existed!

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School Visits

We are excited to introduce 

School Visits.

Made by appointment only

Enquire below to get on our calendar!

We customize your visit to grade level and the number of attendees.

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Family Visits

Our AirBnb Experience

This one-hour tour shares a visit with all the residents currently in rehab here. You learn where these mares come from, and why they need our help. If you bring treats, we allow you with our supervision to safely feed the horses. It also gets you up close and personal with our little foals and their moms. (Where else can you pet a new foal!) 

cost: $50 per person Groups are limited to four (4) people unless is a private group.

Private Groups are customized and available for any number of guests.

Inquire Below!

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