• Lynn Hummer

Take The Day & Breathe

Thanksgiving Day should be a quiet moment of reflection and thanks. My grown children are in their respective homes, scattered all over the nation today, and my four leggeds are settling into their new homes all over California. It is quiet here at the ranch.

We miss Sno, Trinity, Niyol and Pennie. And let's not forget Layla with her little guy David, they stole my heart! It's difficult to say good-bye. We are their nannies, teachers, therapists and more. We truly love each and everyone of them.

Today is a perfect day to take a moment to stop and think of all the change we have made happen. It is an important moment. Don't rush through it. Don't immediately go to the thought,...BUT there are so many, so much to do! We all rush and bustle through life way to fast. These magnificient creatures remind us how important it is to pause.

There is heartache in everyone's lifetime. I believe it is our task to do the very best we can. Whatever endeavor you take on, remain committed to the task. That is our purpose.

Be kind everyday in the face of rude selfishness. Donate willingly if that is something you can do. To serve is to put someone elses needs above your own. People say I am wonderful for doing this, but I say I am selfish. The joy it brings me and the personal satisfaction of knowing I have helped fills my heart. I secretly feel spoiled as if I have figured out the secret to life. That is where my peace arrives. I believe gratitude lives in between the quiet moments when we pause and breathe.

Be good to yourself today.


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