• Lynn Hummer

What Is PMR North?

I have been searching for just the right situation for many years. Looking for the perfect piece of land for expansion is tough. To trust the right people with the horses and their care is a large task.

Sixteen years in and I have finally found the very best situation. We are calling it PMR North. The organization will be mentoring the O'Brien family, three adults , and their neighbor. They will learn all about running a 501c3 nonprofit in the state of California.

These people holds they most important piece of rescuing and working with horses. They get the fact that horses are sentient. They understand that bringing horses along in their training can only be accomplished by creating trust and partnership. We dont 'break' horses, we start them. And that is just the beginning. More information about PMR North will be forthcoming. We have lots of chnges in the works! We have survived COVID, and we are rolling!


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