• Lynn Hummer

When It's Time For A Forever Home

It's hard to say good-bye no matter how many times we do it!

We love them, look after them, and make sure every single need is met. After knowing that they have suffered, it becomes paramount to us that they receive great care. The healing begins right away. They decompress, breathe and begin to understand they are safe now. The threat of death is gone, and fresh meals are always forthcoming, and the humans are oh so nice. Horses forgive and seem to have this miraculous capacity to understand.

We are preparing for winter, and by tomorrow we will have said goodbye to 7 horses. 3 mares with their foals, and one yearling. None of it is easy. We steel our hearts and set our minds knowing that their lives are forever changed. They are going into forever loving homes with pasture and space to be horses. They will not suffer one more day.

We have the Pregnant Mare Community to thank. Becuase of your continued generosity, we can continue our work. Every single horse has been given a second chance at life, and the opportunity to have their foals in peace. The gift is huge and we are grateful.

Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare for Giving Tuesday (Nov.30) and the Thanksgiving Holiday. We take giving thanks very seriously !


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